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Cubitz Kitz Architect Kit is for people who think big! The Architect Kit is perfect for custom installs, room dividers, and entertainment centers. Architect Kit includes everything you need to plan, prototype, assemble, and disassemble your unique designs:


Kits Contain the following items;


-152 tubes

-124 connectors

-6 acrylic shelves

-Dead blow hammer, disconnect tool, 5 sheets of isometric graph paper, 152 straws, 124 straw connectors, and instruction booklet.


The possibilities are many with the Architect Kit and we implore you to explore and create! The great thing about CubitzKitz is that is can be used from many applications and environments throughout your home, office or home office. As a lot of us embarked on the “work from home” lifestyle and are still living it, we thought it would be great to showcase the abilities of the Architect Kit and what you are able to create. Below you will see that creating a unique and useful space is easy!


If you reference the Gallery of photos, you will see what can be done with (1) Architect Kit and the contents, adding on as you go is as easy as 1,2,3!


History of Cubitz Kitz

The original Abstracta system is made from steel tubing and zinc connectors. This gives it the weight and structure necessary for commercial applications. However, the steel and zinc friction fit takes significant force to hammer flush and to disconnect. Once people assemble Abstracta, they tend to keep it together for awhile. This is where Cubitz Kitz comes in to the equation!

Cubitz Kitz are for DIYers, families, and anyone who loves to regularly rearrange their home. It utilizes 15″ anodized aluminum tubing instead of steel, and an entirely new type of connector that is glass-filled nylon instead of zinc. Cubitz Kitz are 75% lighter than the original Abstracta, and much easier to assemble and disassemble. This also makes it more accessible to children and people with limited physical strength. It is still extremely strong, but it’s a lot more fun to put together.

We recently sold small quantities of aluminum tubes and Cubitz connectors on our website. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and even led to some final modifications to the molding process. Therefore, we now feel comfortable packaging the connectors, tubes, shelves, assembly tools, instructions, and design kit together into one convenient kit that we call Cubitz Kitz.

Cubitz Kitz include everything you and your family need to plan, prototype, assemble, and disassemble your unique designs. Cubitz Kitz are made up of two parts: a Design Kit and a Build Kit. The Design Kit contains half-scale straws and connectors, isometric graph paper for exploring concepts, and an instruction booklet. The Build Kit includes 15″ black satin anodized aluminum tubes, assorted nylon connectors, acrylic shelving (safer than glass and requires no shelf clips), lightweight hammer, and disconnect tool.

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 5 × 3 in


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