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151 Black
151 Silver
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6t cubitz fi

Diagonal stair stepped floor display

Abstracta Tube Colors

Abstracta Tube Colors

*Price does NOT include glass shelves.


Product Description



  • Weight
  • Cubitz connectors for “easy-up-easy-down” applications
  • 42 lbs with glass / 19 lbs framework only
  • Does NOT include tempered pencil polished edge glass shelves
  • Shelf size – 14 15/16” x 14 15/16” x 3/16” (6 pieces, sold separately)
  • Outside dimension of unit is 47.28”h / 66.87”w / 22.77”d
  • Dimensions on image reflect tube lengths
  • Cubes connect diagonally at the corners
  • Ships Unassembled
  • 151 color coded instructions


Additional Information

Base Color

Chrome, Matte Black, Gloss Silver, Gloss White


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