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Exhibits & Tradeshows

In the world of tradeshows, exhibits, and special events, versatility and simplicity are the features most sought by designers.






Artists   Exhibits   Museums

Displays and cases for art expos and fairs.


Permanent or temporary environmental structures.


Present your collection with pedestals and shelving.




Graphic Exhibition Stands

  Tradeshows   Embassy Stands  

Custom booth designs to fit your image.


Modular Graphic Panel Displays/ USIA Exhibit Kit


The flexibility and versatility of Abstracta make it the best choice for most all your display needs. Large-scale tradeshow exhibits, overhead structures, framework and entire wall enclosures are easy with Abstracta. Its clean, contemporary lines lend themselves to unlimited design options and environments. Abstracta is available in an array of colors and finishes. It's also lightweight and "trade-show durable".

The possibilities are endless. Abstracta is the innovative exhibit solution.

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Modular Graphic Panel Displays/ USIA Exhibit Kit as used by
American Embassies (pdf 1mb)

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Mya Personal Tables are now available for online order! Choose from the J-Series, I-Series, or L-Series.

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Abstracta Retail Fixtures and Home Furniture

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